15 Warning Signs of Colon Cancer | Colon Cancer Symptoms

Unexplained weight loss

Finally, one of the most classic symptoms in all types of cancer is unexplained weight loss, and especially in colon cancer. It might be explained by the diarrheic episodes, the anemia, and anorexia, but also because the tumor cells display a very accelerated metabolism that increases the patient’s energy needs. If there’s no diet or treatment to explain the progressive weight loss, and you’re experiencing the gastrointestinal symptoms we just mentioned, it would be a good idea to run some tests.

Colon cancer symptoms
Colon cancer symptoms

Receiving the diagnosis of cancer is one of the most shocking news anyone can get, but it is even worse avoiding an early detection, which can potentially save your life. If you’ve experienced these symptoms you don’t need to be scared, there are plenty of reasons why they might appear, and you might not have colon cancer. However, before reaching to any conclusion, there are tests and physical examinations to perform, and only a qualified physician is trained to detect the signs and symptoms, interpret them accurately, and run the appropriate tests to clear out any doubt or fear.


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