Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Life Expectancy

Cystic fibrosis and reproductive system

In men:

About 98% of males with cystic fibrosis have fertility problems because the vas deferens may be blocked or missing. Vas deferens is a tube that carries the sperms from the testis to the prostate. The sperms are intact, but they can’t reach the semen. Also, this male doesn’t have erectile dysfunction. Through fertility treatment, this male can be a biological father.

In women:

Women with cystic fibrosis are less fertile than other women because of menstrual irregularity or the thick vaginal mucous. But, the pregnancy may worsen the disease symptoms. Fertility treatments and pregnancy care make the pregnancy safer.

Other symptoms

Cystic fibrosis is also associated with other diseases and problems, such as:

  • Osteoporosis (weak and thin bones)
  • Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety
  • Diabetes Mellitus due to the chronic pancreatitis
  • Finger clubbing
  • Salty sweat and skin

Written by Martin Davis