Esophageal Varices; Symptoms, Diagnosis & Operative Treatment

Other conditions like esophageal varices

Other conditions may be similar to esophageal varices in that they cause bloody vomiting and they include:

  • Peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcer is an ulcer of the stomach or the duodenum -the first part of the intestines-. Peptic ulcer can cause bleeding as severe as that of varices and cannot be completely ruled out except by endoscopy. The main cause of peptic ulcers is increased acidity of the stomach and their main cause is the bacteria helicobacter pylori.
  • Stomach ulcers due to analgesic use: Analgesics from the non-steroidal type like aspirin can cause stomach ulcers.
  • Mallory Weiss tears: People who indulge in alcohol can have tears in their esophagus resulting from the intense vomiting that occurs afterwards. These are called Mallory Weiss tears and usually do not cause severe bleeding.
  • Stomach cancer: Stomach cancer can cause bloody vomiting among other symptoms including abdominal pain, decreased appetite, and acute loss of weight. It can be excluded by endoscopy and CT scanning.
  • Coagulation problems: Blood coagulation is an integral part of keeping us from bleeding to death. Our body is exposed to stresses on a daily basis, and without a strong coagulation system, we can keep bleeding for hours nonstop. Several abnormalities of coagulation can occur which can cause easy bruising.