Fatty Liver Diet > What Foods to Eat & What Foods to Avoid?

We tend to underestimate our internal organs when they are functioning as they should, and most of us only hear about the liver when there’s a problem. Fatty liver disease is one of the most common ailments that affect the liver. It is more commonly seen in overweight people, but you don’t have to have extra weight to have a fatty liver. All of us are susceptible to carrying too much fat in the liver, and it is all because of our western diet.

As fatty liver progresses, the consequences and dangers become worse. You could even end up with liver fibrosis and cirrhosis if you do not take care of your fatty liver. But what can you do to stop the progression and possibly reverse fatty liver disease?

In this article, you will find recommendations for your fatty liver diet and practical solutions and ideas you can try in your day-to-day.

Why would you start a fatty liver diet?

Believe it or not, your liver is a silent organ but one of the most important in the body. It has over 500 functions, and most of them are related to your metabolism. If your liver is damaged, you won’t get the same nutrients from food, your blood would not clear up toxins, and you will lose a valuable filter that prevents the circulation of toxins absorbed from food.

A fatty liver diet will prevent that from happening while providing appropriate nutrition that your liver and the rest of the organism will thank. You could even reverse the condition and heal without magic pills. Unlike cirrhosis, you can fully recover your liver if you have fatty liver.

Written by Martin Davis