Hepatic Encephalopathy; Symptoms, Stages, Treatment, & Prognosis

Liver transplantation

The definitive treatment of all manifestations of liver failure is liver transplantation. The procedure has become increasingly popular and is performed all over the world nowadays. Liver transplantation replaces the diseased liver by a healthy one, which helps process the ammonia normally and prevents any progression of hepatic encephalopathy.

At this point, the most important question is whether the damage already done to the brain by hepatic encephalopathy is reversible. There is no simple answer to that, and some changes are indeed reversible. The brain is continuously proving to be more flexible and able to heal than previously thought. However, the more advanced the disease, the less likely for all changes to be reversed and prompt liver transplantation is essential to keep cognitive functions as normal as possible. You may need some medications after your liver transplantation to help your brain regain its functions, but this will most probably be a temporary measure.