Hepatitis A Symptoms | 19 Symptoms of Hepatitis A

Depending on your country, hepatitis A can be a very common disease or one you read about in sensationalist news. But in countries where hepatitis A is not expected, there’s a higher risk of an outbreak, and they need vaccination to prevent this particular threat. It only takes a traveler to come back to their home country in the incubation period or the virus’s prodromal phase. The spread is likely to happen in his household and with anyone who comes in contact with them.

Thus, it is imperative to consider the symptoms of hepatitis. If you live in a country where hepatitis is prevalent, it will help you detect this problem right away. If you live in another country where hepatitis is rare, you can suspect a diagnosis and take appropriate measures to prevent the disease’s spread.

With that in mind, let’s break down hepatitis symptoms into two different phases. The prodromal phase includes the first symptoms, usually very mild and not specific to diagnose the disease. But the prodromal stage can warn that something is not right, and some patients have more severe symptoms than others. The icteric phase of the illness has characteristic signs and symptoms, all useful to guide the diagnosis.

Prodromal stage of the disease

Nausea with or without vomiting

In the prodromal stage, it is usually only nausea without vomiting. But some patients report vomiting, too, and it highly depends on their particular sensitivity to the gag reflex.

Written by Martin Davis