Hepatitis B Symptoms; 10 Symptoms of Hepatitis B You Should Not Ignore!

Hepatitis B is a type of viral hepatitis with different phases and subtypes. In some cases, it leads to acute symptoms and a latent phase after a few weeks. In other cases, the patient goes through an asymptomatic disease. When hepatitis B has symptoms, they are similar to those found in different types of hepatitis.

In this article, we’re reviewing the most important symptoms and forms of presentation of hepatitis B. If you’re at risk of hepatitis B or have a suspicion, talk to your doctor as soon as possible and do not neglect your condition.

Asymptomatic disease

In many cases, hepatitis B remains asymptomatic for many years. This virus is received in liver cells, and they start creating new viruses. The immune system attacks the virus, and then it becomes latent. According to some authors, the virus hides inside the hepatic cell and stays like this for years. The asymptomatic disease is not as benevolent as it sounds. Hepatitis B causes progressive liver damage as time passes, and patients may end up with cirrhosis or liver cancer. The disease does not always follow the same pattern or phases. In some cases, it jumps from the incubation period to asymptomatic and latent infection. So, instead of waiting for signs and symptoms, it is crucial to prevent hepatitis B and get yourself tested continually if you’re at high risk.

Written by Martin Davis