Hernia Symptoms; 13 Early Signs of a Hernia

2Stomach Upset

Tummy troubles that include difficulty in digesting meals, lingering digestive upset, heartburn, nausea, and bowel issues like constipation may occur with hernias specifically diagnosed in the abdomen or groin areas, like an inguinal hernia that protuberances out of the groin near to the thigh and the lower abdomen. Stomach upset occurs because of an inguinal hernia slip in and out of the abdomen or comes in front into the inguinal canal.

The doctor can comfort this situation by doing a gentle massage which manipulates the hernia back into the belly. If a hernia becomes strangled (or the blood supply is cut off) one can experience vomiting and nausea and have difficulty in a bowel movement and passing gas. A strangulated hernia needs immediate emergency medical attention because it is a life-threatening condition.