10 High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

We’ve complied a list of high cholesterol foods to avoid to help maintain a healthy weight and heart. Keep close tabs on your cholesterol numbers.

More than 90 million individuals in the United States reportedly have high cholesterol. This means that the level of fat in their blood exceeds 200 mg/dL. The range is usually between 125-200mg/dL. High cholesterol levels are serious and predispose you to a higher risk for stroke and other cardiovascular disorders (1).

Changing your diet can help improve the number of fats and lower the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream. The most effective method to achieve this is to reduce the amount of food high in cholesterol that you consume.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like product found in every cell of your body. It is produced by your liver and aids in the preservation of cells as well as responsible for the production of vitamins and hormones. Consuming animal-based foods cause an increase in cholesterol in your body.

Why Does Cholesterol Matter?

Cholesterol circulates in your blood and when there is an increased amount, it enhances your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as High blood pressure and stroke. This is why it is important to watch the type of food you eat and have your cholesterol levels checked.

There are two types of cholesterol, HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) and LDL (Low-density lipoprotein). The LDL is the bad cholesterol, while the HDL is the good cholesterol.

Too much of the bad kind, or not enough of the good kind, raises the risk of cholesterol slowly accumulating in the inner walls of the blood vessels that supply your brain and heart. It does this by causing the buildup of cholesterol to narrow your blood vessels, impeding the healthy flow of blood throughout the body and potentially leading to atherosclerosis, heart attack, and other heart issues.

As a result, experts advise consuming no more than 300mg of dietary cholesterol per day (2).


Top 10 Foods To Avoid That Are High In Cholesterol

1) Deep Fried Food


Deep frying is a method used in cooking where the food is submerged in hot oil (3).

Instead of indulging in deep-fried cuisine, try grilling, roasting, or steaming your food. You’ll discover that these methods of cooking seal in the flavor and many cases are tastier than the fried equivalent. Examples of deep-fried food include french-fries, fried pickles, chicken strips, Thai shrimp, corn dogs, croquettes, etc.

Written by Martin Davis