Left Side Pain; Symptoms, Causes & Home Remedies

The left side of the body hosts multiple vital body organs. So what’s causing my left side hurt? There are a number of potential causes for discomfort on this side of the body.

This article serves as a guide as to the causes and possible solutions to left side pains; and some suggestions for what you can do about the pain.

Abdominal Pain in Left Side

Abdominal pain left side is an excessively discomforting sensation. It is mainly caused by tissue injuries. It encompasses both psychosocial and pathophysiologic issues acting as modifiers. The psychosocial factors include; patient personality, patient ethnicity and their cultural background.

There are other external factors that may surround the injury specific to your location. Physiologic modifiers on the other hand, include the type of stimuli, specific receptors, and the structure of the nerve pathways from the region of injury to the central nervous system. Other complicated issues are responsible for determining the transmitting, interpreting, and reacting processes to the left-pain messages.

Like other forms of pain, it is manifested by a combination of complex results that are specific to individuals and their environments.

It is therefore, vital for the clinician to take caution in diagnosing a patient. The clinician is responsible for identifying a patient’s left pain complaint in relation to factors that manifest differently. The pain specific sensations come in a wide range of manifestations.

Written by Martin Davis