Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Signs & Symptoms

  • Typical Compulsions:

    • Checking: Repeatedly checking locks, appliances, or switches to ensure they are turned off or locked.
    • Washing: Excessive handwashing, showering, or cleaning rituals in an attempt to rid oneself of perceived contaminants.
    • Counting and Repeating: Counting or repeating words, phrases, or actions to prevent harm or alleviate anxiety.
    • Mental Rituals: Engaging in mental rituals, such as silently repeating prayers or phrases, to neutralize obsessions or prevent bad outcomes.
    • Avoidance: Avoiding certain situations, people, or places that trigger obsessions or anxiety.
  • Written by Cassandra Williams

    Cassandra Williams is a Senior Editing Manager at A2ZHealthy