10 Vital Signs of Pneumonia You Mustn’t Overlook

3. Sweating and Shaking

Profuse sweating and shaking chills often accompany fever and can be a sign that your body is fighting off an infection.

Th chills are a common indicator of pneumonia. Chills often accompany fever and can be a noticeable symptom when the body is fighting off an infection, including pneumonia. Chills are characterized by a sudden sensation of coldness, even when the body is not exposed to a cold environment. They may cause shivering and a feeling of discomfort.

In the context of pneumonia, chills are typically associated with the body’s response to the infection and inflammation in the lungs. As the immune system activates to combat the infection, it can lead to changes in body temperature regulation, resulting in the sensation of chills.

Written by Cassandra Williams

Cassandra Williams is a Senior Editing Manager at A2ZHealthy