13 Signs of Liver Damage; How to Know if You Have Liver Damage?

The liver is one of the most critical organs in our abdomen. Hundreds of different reactions happen simultaneously throughout the hepatic tissue, and this function is essential for survival. However, it is not easy to spot liver damage in an early stage because it is a massive organ, and the lack of function in minor injuries is compensated in the rest of the organ. Thus, many cases of liver damage are entirely asymptomatic, and only a hepatic screening will tell you that your liver is not healthy.

However, patients start to feel differently in cases of advanced liver damage. They no longer feel healthier, and if they are not aware of the signs and symptoms of advanced liver damage, they wouldn’t have a clue where to go and what specialist to look for.

As a result, we’re bringing up the critical subject of liver damage in this post and listing the key indicators that point to a potential problem with your liver.

If you have one of these signs and symptoms, be sure to talk to your doctor right away. It can be due to liver damage, but he might need to rule out other ailments as well.

The signs and symptoms of liver damage include:


This is one of the earliest symptoms we can have, and it is very unspecific, meaning that it is difficult to trace it back to a hepatic problem. The liver takes the toxins off the blood by converting them into bile or a water-soluble substance that is inactive and ready to be eliminated by the kidneys. When the liver does not work correctly, these toxins build up in the blood and reach the muscles and the brain tissue, causing muscle weakness and a sensation of tiredness and fatigue.

Written by Martin Davis