Acetaminophen vs. NSAIDs (Ibuprofen); Side Effects & Overdose

Overdose of Acetaminophen

The overdose of Acetaminophen means that the daily dosage of the drug has exceeded the maximum threshold, which is 4 grams per day. Any dose above this presents symptoms of toxicity. As mentioned, The liver is the primary organ that is affected by Acetaminophen overdose. Drinking three or more three glasses of alcohol can severely increase the risk of liver toxicity. Additionally, the liver might swell up and get injured, presenting the symptoms of liver injury.

Patients should immediately be taken to a clinical setting in case of any incidence of Acetaminophen toxicity. The physician will most likely decontaminate the GI tract by using the decongestion and absorption activity of charcoal. N-Acetyl cysteine is the antidote for this drug, and the toxicity in the body is later handled using the antidote.


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Written by Martin Davis