10 Warning Signs & Symptoms of Bladder Cancer | Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer, bladder cancer stages
Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in males. It’s actually the most recurrent diagnosis of urologic cancer, and it is widespread in countries of North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

The bladder is a structure from the urinary tract that collects the urine that initially comes from the kidneys and is transported into the bladder by the ureters. When the storage capacity of the bladder is met, we feel the urge to pass urine.

Bladder, Urinary bladder
Urinary bladder

Bladder cancer develops when the linings of the bladder start to grow without any control. It mostly affects males, and when such growth is aggressive, it may spread quickly to other organs and cause metastasis. So it’s critical to be able to detect bladder cancer early so you can seek professional assistance as necessary.

The top 10 bladder cancer warning signs and symptoms are included below:

Pain During Urination

Pain during urination, bladder cancer, bladder cancer symptoms
Pain during urination

You may expect pain in the case of bladder cancer, and it’s a typical symptom in these patients. However, if you’re feeling pain during urination as a result of bladder cancer, chances are it has already grown and is now invading the muscle layer of your urinary bladder. This symptom is experienced by 20-30% of patients with bladder cancer, and it’s not very common in cases of carcinoma in situ (when cancer stays in only one area and does not spread).

This symptom is also known as dysuria, and it is widespread in cases of urinary infections, kidney stones, and other diagnoses. It is an irritative symptom of the urinary bladder, and the leading cause is inflammation and irritation of the urinary tissue triggered by cancer.