Top 19 Anti-Inflammatory Foods | Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is the natural response to invasive bacteria and other threats to the organism. It is healthy in a sense, but when it gets out of control, inflammation becomes a source of pain. In severe cases, inflammation would even compromise tissue integrity. It potentiates tumor growth in cancer and triggers many symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and other ailments.

Luckily, we have over-the-counter drugs that temporarily solve the problem. But if we want long-lasting changes, it is appropriate to consider lifestyle modifications, starting with the diet.

That’s why we brought this list of anti-inflammatory foods that you can incorporate in your diet starting today and see the benefits of the now-famous anti-inflammatory diet.


There is a type of inflammation in the arteries that contributes to the formation of fat plaques, which cause coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. Studies show that walnuts can counter this type of inflammation. For that reason, we recommend having at least five servings of nuts every week. Make sure to include walnuts if you’re mixing different types.