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Surgery & Procedures Related to the Bile Duct

Surgery and procedures related to the bile duct

The commonest indication of bile duct surgery is the presence of a stone occluding the duct. This can either be due to the passage of a stone from the gall bladder, or due to the presence of a stone within the gall bladder that is large enough that it compresses the adjacent bile duct. This condition is known as Mirizzi syndrome.

The most common surgery of the bile duct can either be carried out using an endoscope, which can be used to extract a stone in the bile duct using a special basket attached to the tube.

If a large stone or multiple stones are detected, we may need to explore the whole bile duct, this is done through a small opening in the duct through which a special tool is inserted, then the stone is extracted, and a small tube is inserted to make sure that the duct remains patent. Your doctor will perform another scan after the extraction to make sure that no stone is left behind.

Two other that are performed are called choledochoduodenostomy or choledochojejunostomy. They involve the creation of a new site for insertion of the common bile duct into the small intestines. They are done when the stone obstructing the common bile duct dilates it that even the removal of the stone would not make it able to move bile effectively, and the other scenario is when there is pancreatic head cancer and the removal of the whole pancreatic head is needed.

The gall bladder is usually removed in all of the above operations both to remove the existing stones, to prevent the passage of other ones, and as a means to make sure that no other stones are formed. This can be done in the same operation or after a few weeks of the first one if it had been done endoscopically.

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