What is Chia Seed Good For?

3) Chia-Based Electrolyte Drink

Chia-Based Electrolyte Drink

An interesting fact about chia is that you can use this food to prepare sports drinks at home. So, before your match or going out for a run, take some water, a bag of organic green tea, two tablespoons of lime or lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of honey along with chia seeds to prepare your electrolyte drink.

It is pretty easy to do. Take water at room temperature and mix with one tablespoon of chia seeds. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes while stirring occasionally. You will end up with a chia seed gel, and we recommend refrigerating for a few days before preparing your electrolyte drink. After refrigerating for a few days, prepare organic green tea, add the honey and lemon juice, stir and let it cool. After that, add the chia gel and stir.

Written by Greg M. Wilcox

With a background in medical research, I'm dedicated to unraveling the complexities of health and nutrition in a way that's easy to understand and implement. From debunking myths to sharing science-backed insights, my goal is to guide you on a journey towards optimal well-being.