Clay-Colored Stools | What Causes Clay-Colored Stools?

What about yellow poop, green stools, and other colors?

Besides pale stools, you could also find other colors in your poop. Some are common, while others are abnormal and require medical assistance. It is not only important to see the stain but also to perceive a change in the smell as follows:

Yellow stools

The primary source of yellow color in your stools is fat. If you are not digesting fat appropriately, it remains in your poop. If this is the case, the stools turn greasy, and you likely have diarrhea. This is called steatorrhea, and it is often caused by weight-loss aids or a gastrointestinal infection. It also happens when you eat fatty foods after cholecystectomy and if you have impairments in the absorption of fatty acids.