12 Warning Signs of Diabetes Type 2 You Should Not Ignore!

9) Itching Dry Skin

Excessive itching is another symptom of diabetes. It is due to damage to nerves in the outer layer of the skin. Itching leads to discomfort and pain. It also increases the risk of infections in type 2 diabetes patients. Itching should not be ignored at all as it can be an early warning sign of extensive neurological damage in the type 2 diabetes patient.

Other causes of itching are poor circulation, dry skin and yeast infection in diabetic patients. The lower leg area is one of the itchiest areas in the body of those suffering from type 2 diabetes. Any such signs in your body should not be ignored otherwise serious health complications may ensue. Dry skin a major warning sign of high blood glucose. Type 2 diabetes patients are more prone to dry skin than normal people.

Written by Martin Davis