Easy Bruising (Ecchymosis); Symptoms, Causes, Diseases and Treatments

Causes of ecchymosis

Causes of ecchymosis
Causes of ecchymosis

Usually, this disease is caused by a blow or trauma. After a trauma, there is a possibility that the capillaries behind the skin may break. Since there is no cut, the blood is not able to leave the skin and accumulates in the tissues. This accumulation of blood in the tissues causes the appearance of discoloration of the skin.

The typical blue-red color is produced by an enzyme that converts hemoglobin into bilirubin. Then the bilirubin turns into hemosiderin, which has a color between golden brown, which generates the change of colors.

Platelet disorders such as lymphomas, cancerous metastases, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, AIDS, myelodysplasia, Bernard-Soulier’s disease, serious bacterial infections (such as flesh-eating bacteria) may be the cause. Deficits in vitamin K, C and B12 also affect coagulation. Substantial abuse of alcohol or drugs also weakens platelets. The main causes of the condition are:

  • Deficiency of vitamins K or C.
  • A blow with a blunt object.
  • An animal bite.
  • A blood clotting disorder or cancer.
  • Certain medications, such as steroids or aspirin.
  • An infection.

Written by Martin Davis