How To Quit Smoking 2023 | Tips From Former Smokers


It is not always easy to stop smoking, but there are many methods you can try to achieve your goal. What works for one person may not work for another, so don’t feel discouraged if you fail at first and try different methods until you find the one that best suits your case.

If you’ve decided to quit, it is also important to talk about it with your doctor. There are plenty of quit-smoking programs you can adopt, and when you’re guided by a professional, the success rate is even higher.

One of the most fundamental steps is getting to know yourself and learning where your habit comes from. Looking for social support is also essential, especially if smoking is a social habit, which is usually true. Then, taking action and sticking with your decision are fundamental steps that most people do not take. Avoid making the mistake of trying weak attempts of quitting one after another. They are ineffective if you’re not resolved, and may affect your motivation and make you think that you can’t quit smoking, which is not true. Many people have done it, and you can, too.

Written by Martin Davis