Hyperbilirubinemia | How to Reduce Bilirubin Level in Your Body?

Extrahepatic causes

  • Cholelithiasis: A blockage of the bile ducts caused by gallbladder stones. The bile is not eliminated and starts leaking into the blood.
  • Pancreatitis: The pancreas and the gallbladder have a common passageway. Thus, when the bile ducts are blocked, this may also affect the pancreas and vice versa.
  • Pancreatic or biliary malignancies: When a tumor forms in the pancreas or the liver, it pushes the structures away and creates a blockade.
  • Portal adenopathy: This is basically a lymph node that grows very large and blocks the typical passage of bile to the intestines.
  • Biliary strictures: After surgery, inflammation may cause a stricture in the biliary ducts. When this happens, the normal flow of bile becomes compromised.