14 Foods That Will Keep Your Liver Healthy

Our diet plays the most critical role in liver health. What we eat and drink affects our liver directly, and that can be either good or very bad. Unhealthy food and alcoholic beverages are the prevailing cause of almost all cases of cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. The same happens if we strive to have better health and follow a liver-healthy diet that protects the digestive system, where the liver is the protagonist. We can even heal or prevent many illnesses by having good dietary habits.

This article zeroes in on 14 specific foods that can easily be incorporated into our diet to support and sustain a healthy liver.

1. Avocado

The Journal of Gastroenterology published a chart of some foods with their mechanisms of action. This review included avocados and mentioned that they give a sensation of satiety, reduce blood glucose levels, and stop oxidative stress in many types of cells and tissues. That includes the liver both directly and indirectly. The liver creates cholesterol particles HDL and LDL, and will perform better with healthy fatty acids from avocados.

Oxidative stress is a significant problem in the liver. The organ is in charge of dealing with many toxic agents, and some trigger free radicals. Avocados can help here and provide liver protection.

Written by Martin Davis