26 Healthy Low-Carb Foods That Taste Incredible!

Carbohydrates are included as the three primary nutrients, also known as macronutrients. They are considered as necessary as protein and fats. The role of carbohydrates is to fuel the body. They give you instant energy you can use to move your muscles and activate various inner processes. But there are alternative ways in your body to create energy. Fats turn into energy when needed, and so do proteins in case of emergency.

Low-carb diets are designed with the assumption that reducing your carbohydrate intake forces your body to create energy with fats instead of carbs. That is true, especially in the keto diet, in which ketosis promotes rapid fat breakdown and weight loss.

Many foods in our daily lives are filled with carbohydrates, and it might be initially difficult for people to find alternatives. So, either if you’re trying to lose weight or avoiding high-carb foods to keep diabetes under control, this list of low-carb diet foods will be helpful to find the best ingredients to cook your meals.

1) Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder - Foods High in Magnesium
Cocoa Powder

Chocolate is often tagged as unhealthy food, but that is because it is filled with added sugar. The raw material, known as cocoa, does not have so many carbohydrates. Thus, you can use cocoa powder as a baking ingredient to get a similar taste to chocolate while controlling the rest of the ingredients.

Moreover, cocoa powder contains many antioxidants in the form of phytonutrients. It is also known that cocoa boosts endorphin levels, a substance in the body that makes you feel happy. You can consume cocoa powder in your protein smoothie, baked goods made with almond flour, and much more.