How To Prevent Snoring: The Ultimate Guide

Snoring occurs as a result of obstruction to the free flow of air through the airway, either occurring in the mouth or the nose. When this occurs, it leads to incoordination of the soft tissues along the airway producing vibration and grumbling sounds (1).

Snoring can sometimes be a result of stress or in some cases, it may be due to a secondary underlying chronic disease or an organ pathology such as excessive weight gain, obstructive lung diseases, and insomnia (2).

The American Sleep Foundation did research that revealed that close to 90 million American adults snore on occasion and 37 million adults come to the clinic to complain of daily snoring noticeable by their partners and disturbing (3).

Keep reading to find 9 of the best methods to effectively stop snoring.

1. Weight Loss

excessive weight snoring

Obesity is an identified risk factor for snoring and a major one at that! You should lose weight by eating fewer unhealthy foods and exercising more frequently to help with your snoring problems.

Neck fat constricts the upper airway, especially when lying down, increasing the likelihood of snoring.

Written by Martin Davis