10 Silent Signs of Type 1 Diabetes

Signs of Type 1 diabetes (often known as juvenile-onset diabetes) can seemingly come out of nowhere. Type 1 diabetes was initially viewed as a disease that typically affects children and young adults, it can occur at any age. The silent signs of type 1 diabetes start suddenly and can progress rapidly.

If you don’t have a family history of the disease, you might not recognize the signs as the chances of developing diabetes may be the last thing on your mind. But knowing how to recognize these symptoms is a great way to detect the condition early.

With early detection, you can start proper blood sugar control, and prevent many short and long-term complications. In some cases though, there are no symptoms and the condition is simply diagnosed by a routine urine or blood test.

10 Silent Signs of Type 1 Diabetes To Look Out For

1. Frequent Urination

Signs of Type 1 Diabetes
Frequent Urination

If you’re urinating frequently, then your body might be trying to tell you something. With type 1 diabetes, the kidneys try to expel excess sugar from the blood.

Usually, when our kidneys produce urine, sugar is reabsorbed and directed back to the bloodstream. With type 1 diabetes, excess glucose ends up in the urine pulling water and producing more urine.

Written by Martin Davis