13 Tips for Healthier Skin in 2023

The skin is the largest organ in the body when we measure its whole surface area which is about 1.73 square meters. It is the only organ that is completely exposed to the surrounding environment and is therefore subject to a large number of environmental factors and should be maintained in an optimal condition. Many diseases manifest through the skin and nails, and it is considered a mirror to the internal organs and the whole-body condition.

Our skin is formed of a multiple layers of cells called keratinocytes covered by a layer of a special protein called keratin. In addition, there are multiple structures called skin appendages including hair, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and nails. There are two main types of skin: thick and thin skin. Thick skin is that which is found in our palms and soles, while the thin skin is that which is found elsewhere. The amount of hair and sweat glands differ between both types.

Here are 13 Proven Skincare Tips for Healthier Skin: