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Bone pain

Bone pain
Bone pain

This is a late-stage symptom of bladder cancer, and only appears in muscle-invasive bladder cancer that extends to other tissues. Bone metastasis is one of many variants of cancer spread, and this symptom is usually felt as general discomfort and dull pain in your bones, sometimes with tenderness and localized pain.

To diagnose the cause of bone pain, you will need a physical evaluation, and your doctor will need to assess other signs and symptoms of bladder cancer that might become useful to make a suspicion and start performing diagnostic tests.

If you find the symptoms above, do not feel alarmed just yet. The majority of them are found in other non-malignant diseases as well. However, if more common causes are ruled out, you will need to rule out bladder cancer, too. Talk to your doctor about it, and do not neglect your condition. Remember that bladder cancer becomes worse if you let it grow larger, and it is associated with a high rate of metastasis when it grows beyond the limit of the muscle layer. Therefore, before any other symptom strikes, look for medical help and follow the advice of your healthcare provider to detect bladder cancer at an early phase.


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