What is Chia Seed Good For?

Carbohydrates In Chia Seeds

Carbohydrates in Chia Seeds

You may think that chia seeds have too many carbs for you. 12 grams of carbohydrates is considered a lot, but only if we’re talking about sugar. Fortunately, chia seeds are nearly sugar-free. Instead, 10 out of 12 grams of carbs come from a complex carbohydrate called fiber.

You will get almost zero sugar in chia seeds and 2 grams of complex carbs. The body cannot absorb fiber, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your calorie count. Quite the opposite, because fiber may lower cholesterol levels in people overweight.

When we eat simple carbohydrates and sugar, they increase our triglyceride levels. They may also raise your blood pressure, depending on your organism. Consuming chia seeds will have the opposite effect. You will be lowering the triglyceride count, and some people may experience a blood pressure reduction as well.

Additionally, the fiber in chia seeds is good for constipation. You will get around 50% of your daily recommended dietary fiber intake by sprinkling ¼ a cup of chia seeds into your foods.

Written by Greg M. Wilcox

With a background in medical research, I'm dedicated to unraveling the complexities of health and nutrition in a way that's easy to understand and implement. From debunking myths to sharing science-backed insights, my goal is to guide you on a journey towards optimal well-being.