Foods High in Iron > 17 Iron-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

There are different minerals on planet earth, and iron is one of the most abundant. It is found in pretty much all living beings, especially in warm-blooded organisms. As such, it has been recognized as an essential mineral for human health since 1932, when scientific evidence was released linking iron with the formation of hemoglobin.

Nowadays, we know that iron is sometimes the cause of anemia, an abnormally low blood hemoglobin level. This mineral is essential to create this substance, which stays inside the red blood cells. It is hemoglobin that takes oxygen from the lungs and releases carbon dioxide to complete gas exchange and help cells create their energy in the form of ATP. Thus, an insufficient level of this mineral will always have consequences at many levels.

The daily intake of iron should be around 8 milligrams in an average adult male. In females, the requirement may increase, especially if they suffer from profuse bleeding during menstruations. Pregnancy also increases iron requirements, and you should aim at 27 milligrams during this life stage.

Beef spleen

Foods High in Iron, Beef spleen
Beef spleen

According to our research, this is likely one of the richest sources of iron you can ever have. It is a type of organ meat and not the most common in daily eating. Red blood cells are processed, repaired, and filtered in this organ. Thus, it contains a lot of hemoglobin and iron. Lamb and beef spleen have a similar iron level, which is around 32 and 33 milligrams in a portion of 3 ounces.

Written by Martin Davis