How to Reverse Fatty Liver? > 10 Foods to Avoid for Fatty Liver

Liver health is paramount to our general wellbeing. This organ contains all of those chemicals that transform nutrients and ensure the blood chemical balance. Of course, for these reasons, liver disease is a delicate issue. Hepatic steatosis, commonly known as Fatty liver disease (FLD), is one of the most widespread liver diseases. In this condition, the liver tissue is filled with fat. In many cases, FLD does not cause any dramatic tissue damage but is a risk factor in patients with obesity, cirrhosis, or fibrosis. A healthy liver typically has a small amount of fat, and medical criteria establish fatty liver disease when around 5% of the liver mass is made up of fat.

FLD is a chronic condition that usually goes on without notice or gives away very few symptoms or none at all. Fatty liver disease has two leading causes: alcoholism and impaired fat metabolism. In the second case, high triglyceride levels, diabetes, and a diet rich in calories are the most critical factors, regularly taking place altogether.

But what foods and drinks do you want to avoid to prevent fatty liver or slow down its progression?

Drinks and Beverages

Our diet has to change the moment we are diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Of course, the first thing to eliminate is alcohol. Even fatty liver disease is nonalcoholic, alcohol worsens your condition and makes it advance faster. If this is your case, remember that your liver is not in the best condition to undergo a double work of metabolizing alcohol molecules. This is pretty difficult for the liver, even if you don’t realize.

Besides, alcohol is the cause of many other liver conditions that could further shadow the picture. Alcohol has no nutrients, but alcoholic drinks are usually high in calories and tend to be hard to process. They metabolize slowly. Beer deserves particular mention because it is rich in calories. It is a cereal-based drink, it is starchy, has a lot of sugar, and boosts sugar levels in the blood.

The following is a list of edibles we should definitely avoid or eliminate from our table to avoid or contribute to treating fatty liver disease:

Written by Martin Davis