Liver Cleanse: Is Detox Really Possible & How to Detox Your Liver

If you search on the internet about liver health, you will probably find hundreds of references to liver cleanse and detox. But not all information on the internet is reliable or relevant, and there are definitely many marketing purposes standing between you and the truth. It is then wise not to trust everything you read about detox.

In this article, we’re talking about real detox, and not just for marketing purposes. The liver is indeed an essential organ. It indeed gets rid of toxins, and they sometimes hurt the liver instead of the rest of the body. It is the price this noble organ has to pay, and that’s why the liver is the only organ that regenerates and rebuilds itself.

But is it true that your liver gets tired of handling toxins? Can your liver house excess toxins that you need to remove from time to time? Is there any relationship between liver cleanse and weight loss? How can you really care for your liver based on serious scientific findings? In this review, you will find the answer to these questions.

Dispelling myths about detox

Busting myths is what we need to do first because many people start talking about the liver with a completely wrong perspective. Indeed, if the foundations are not correctly set, the rest of the building will fall apart. So, let us adjust our understanding of the liver, detox, and toxins according to what science really says:

Myth 1. You need periodic detox to stay healthy

This myth is very convenient for companies and brands that sell detox products, but it is not true. You need to care for your liver every day, not every two or three weeks. Not buying one product to cleanse your liver from the bad habits you’ve indulged in for months. Caring for your liver is changing your habits to avoid giving your liver double work. Staying away from alcohol, not abusing over-the-counter drugs, and leading a liver-healthy diet are day-to-day measures to maintain liver health.

Written by Martin Davis