Knee Replacement Surgery: Benefits, Risks & Complications

Who Should Consider Knee Replacement Surgery?

The most likely candidates for this surgery are those who have significant arthritis or knee wear. Knee replacement surgery is not the first choice for everyone. It’s only used if other treatments fail to provide relief. It is also not recommended for people who have other serious health issues. For example, knee sepsis and osteomyelitis are absolute contraindications.

You’ll want to consult your doctor about this surgery if you have these symptoms after receiving treatment for your condition:

  • Severe knee pain that does not improve, even after treatment, and is causing trouble in your everyday life when moving the articulation.
  • Moderate or severe knee pain maintained at rest.
  • Severe inflammation and swelling that does not improve with conservative treatment.
  • Knee deformities worsen your symptoms or cause further damage to the joint.

Next, let’s see the types of knee replacement surgery.

Written by Martin Davis