15 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Coughing up blood

This is a symptom of metastasis to the lungs, which is also common in advanced cases of liver cancer. In this case, additional symptoms we should consider chronic cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath.


Keep in mind that you could experience several symptoms in this article if you have an underlying liver condition. It does not mean you have cancer. However, it is essential to note that liver cancer usually makes the symptoms worse. For example, if you’re used to feeling some abdominal pain and swelling due to cirrhosis, the symptoms can worsen and require medical help.

Thus, if you suspect any type of liver disease, including liver cancer, do not hesitate to look for a professional opinion. It is not possible to diagnose an ailment such as this by simply crossing a few items in a list. So, look for medical advice and follow recommendations to find out what is happening to you.


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Written by Martin Davis