Liver Failure (Hepatic Failure) Causes, Symptoms & Complications


The doctor diagnoses your hepatic failure based on your symptoms, past medical history, as previous exposure to chemicals or toxins. You will also need a physical examination. Your doctor may seek signs belonging to liver failures, such as jaundice, ascites, skin manifestations, and abdominal pain. These investigations also help in the diagnosis of your liver failure and assess its severity:

  • Liver enzymes (ALT and AST) and bilirubin levels
  • Prothrombin time to assess blood coagulation
  • Hepatitis markers for hepatitis viruses (A, B, and C)
  • Investigations for ascites, such as ultrasonography
  • Investigations for hepatic encephalopathy
  • Radiological imaging (ultrasonography, CT, MRI)
  • Liver biopsy; the doctor uses a needle to take a small part of the liver to check it in the lab. This investigation occurs if the previous tests failed or want to sure your diagnosis.

Now, I think you are aware of your case.

Written by Martin Davis