What is Chia Seed Good For?

3) Chia Seed Pancakes

Chia Seed Pancakes

What if you try eating healthy pancakes made of whole wheat bread and prepared by yourself instead of those packaged and ready-to-go recipes? You can use chia seeds, and they will taste great. Just combine all-purpose flour with whole-wheat flour, salt, and baking powder. Add cinnamon and chia seeds and mix. Then, add rice milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and a bit of apple cider vinegar to the same bowl.

When the ingredients are mixed, let it rest for 5 minutes, and start pouring the mixture in the skillet just as you do with regular pancakes. Remember that they are ready to turn around when the edges look dry, and the center starts to show bubbles.

Written by Greg M. Wilcox

With a background in medical research, I'm dedicated to unraveling the complexities of health and nutrition in a way that's easy to understand and implement. From debunking myths to sharing science-backed insights, my goal is to guide you on a journey towards optimal well-being.